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Concept Design
Schematic Circuit Design
PC-Board CAD Design
Custom Enclosures
Faceplates & Labels
Surface Mount Population
Thru-Hole Population
Inspection & Testing
Final Product Assembly
Industrial Electronic Repairs
Equipment Panel Wiring

Electronics Manufacturing

Eagle Micro Systems is an electronics manufacturing company and developer of custom designed electronic products and solutions.
We specialise in the assembly of surface mount and conventional thru-hole electronic circuit boards and manufacture complete custom-made electronic products.
  Surface Mount Assembly
  Conventional Thru-Hole
  Procurement of Components
  Enclosures and Faceplates
  Complete Product Assembly
  Electronic Design Service
  Microcontroller Programming
  SMD Prototyping Service
  Industrial Electronic Repairs
  Equipment Panel Wiring
  Worldwide Shipping

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Our Mission & Vision - "Bringing Projects to Life"

“Bringing Projects to Life” is inspired by our passion to make our client's projects and visions a reality. Being very committed to what we do, we are able to offer our clients a uniquely personalised service.

At Eagle Micro Systems we are dedicated and focussed on providing our clients with the highest standard of manufacturing, whether it is an existing, new or customised product. We take great pride in our workmanship and have very strict quality control measures in place to ensure our clients always receive the best products and services.

Eagle Micro Systems serves clients worldwide who rely on our dependable, consistent and quality service.

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